Holiday Spirits

Holiday Spirits

In line at the light-up ceremony

International Language House has been getting quite into the Christmas spirit this month!

Our first Friday of December, we hosted a light-up ceremony for the Christmas tree in our school’s front yard. Kids and parents alike received drinks, snacks, and candles to enjoy the evening.

Singing “Silent Night” together

The second Friday of December was the day of our Christmas show! We have been rehearsing for weeks and were so glad to finally present to all our families!

This theme’s year was based off of the Warner Brothers animated film The Polar Express.

In the film, children are woken up in the middle of the night to ride a train to the North Pole. Because everyone gets on the train late at night, all the children wear their pajamas in the movie. Naturally, we wanted to do the same:

Some Saturn class kids with Michiyo Teacher after the show

For our more formal songs, we were able to change into some classic outfits as well:

A quick warm up before starting the show

It was a wonderful time! Thanks to everyone who came to our events so far. It’s been a fun month!

We have just one more week before Christmas break!! We are hoping to have lots of time to play this week to make up for all the rehearsals recently.


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