This is Our World

This is Our World

Today is Earth Day! Do you know how to celebrate Earth Day?

Three things:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

“Reduce” means to make less waste. Every day, we throw away so much trash! So we want to do things that create less trash.

“Reuse” means to use again and again. We want to buy less things that get thrown away. Instead, we want things that last a long time!

“Recycle” means to use something you already own for a new use. An old T-shirt can be used as a rag, or an empty box can be cleaned and hold something new. We also can send our plastic bottles and cardboard away to be recycled.

singing at our school’s soft reopening

This week, we learned a new song with Timo Teacher and Thom Teacher called “This is Our World.” We sang about picking up trash and helping our world.

Another way we can help the world this month is to stay safe from the virus. If we can limit our trips outside, cover our mouths, and wash our hands, we will be helping each other 🙂

Let’s be considerate of each other and the Earth! Happy Earth Day!


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