Teaching Money and Consequences

Teaching Money and Consequences

Another successful round of BOB Bucks Auctions this year!

Every year, towards the end of our third term, our teachers introduce our BOB Buck program.

Our mascot, BOB, is the face of our behavior currency for the last few weeks of school.

What do we mean by “behavior currency?”

Any selfless actions, acts of responsibility, and any other good deeds done by our students, are rewarded with BOB Bucks from our teachers. In order to correct bad habits or behaviors before the end of the school year, BOB Bucks are also taken away.

On auction day, the kids with the most money are able to buy the most expensive toys and also go shopping with the rest afterwards.

This program is very popular for the following reasons:

  • Kids have a better understanding of how their actions and consequences are connected.
  • The concept of money is introduced and kids learn how to count and spend wisely.

Here is some footage from our last auction of the year today!