ILH Matsuri 2020

ILH Matsuri 2020

This year, we were able to try a new event! Since there have been no chances to go to a normal festival, we decided to make our own and it was a huge success.

Everyone looked so fashionable in their yukatas and jinbeis. It was a great chance to dress up, get some toys, and enjoy the summer!

Our Final Auction!

Our Final Auction!

Last week, we held our last BOB Buck auction of the year!

Towards the end of the school year, our students begin using our BOB Bucks system at ILH to further improve behavior before moving up to the next grade.

What is the BOB Bucks system?

BOB Bucks are a paper bill form of currency we use to reward kids for good behavior and punish kids for bad behavior. It is also a good tool for teaching management of money!

We hold two auctions at the end of the year. The first one is full of more explanation, while the second one is where all the kids know the system and get better at buying what they want.

In the meantime, we asked parents to bring in old, used, or even unused toys to donate for our auctions in the days leading up to the event. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

We love doing auctions with the kids because it helps them make the connection between how good their behavior is and how many toys they can buy. Most of the time, everyone has more BOB Bucks the second time around because they tried harder to have good behavior at school.

We are looking forward to everyone moving up a grade next year! Just a few more days!