Marathon 2020!

Marathon 2020!

Rounding the corner of the final lap

Winter Sports Day was a success today!

Every morning at International Language House, we do running practice after our morning taiso routines. But this past month, we have been doing a little extra running to get ready for the big day.

It was a little chilly in Shin-Yokohama park, but we warmed up quickly after our first few meters.

As all our volunteer mamas and teachers ran alongside the kids, we saw so many runners trying their hardest! Thank you to everyone who came to cheer us on throughout the course.

Our top winners from each class were announced after arriving back at the kindergarten, receiving a trophy per winner, as well as badges for the rest of us.

We are so proud of all our kids today for doing their best!

Welcome to 2020!

Welcome to 2020!

Happy Holidays!

How was your Winter break? Did you travel anywhere or visit relatives?

Some of our teachers spent the holidays in their home countries with their families, while some of us stayed in Japan to celebrate the Japanese way.

Over the break, our teachers sent everyone a New Year’s card. We also received a lot of New Year’s cards from you all, and it made us very happy!

Today was our first day back from break, and all our Language House friends were SO excited to reunite with each other!

During our Opening Ceremony, we talked about New Years traditions, other special days coming up, and expectations for the third term. There are a lot of expectations we have that we hope to reach together.

What are your new year’s goals and resolutions?


Holiday Spirits

Holiday Spirits

In line at the light-up ceremony

International Language House has been getting quite into the Christmas spirit this month!

Our first Friday of December, we hosted a light-up ceremony for the Christmas tree in our school’s front yard. Kids and parents alike received drinks, snacks, and candles to enjoy the evening.

Singing “Silent Night” together

The second Friday of December was the day of our Christmas show! We have been rehearsing for weeks and were so glad to finally present to all our families!

This theme’s year was based off of the Warner Brothers animated film The Polar Express.

In the film, children are woken up in the middle of the night to ride a train to the North Pole. Because everyone gets on the train late at night, all the children wear their pajamas in the movie. Naturally, we wanted to do the same:

Some Saturn class kids with Michiyo Teacher after the show

For our more formal songs, we were able to change into some classic outfits as well:

A quick warm up before starting the show

It was a wonderful time! Thanks to everyone who came to our events so far. It’s been a fun month!

We have just one more week before Christmas break!! We are hoping to have lots of time to play this week to make up for all the rehearsals recently.

Thankful, Thankful, Thankful

Thankful, Thankful, Thankful

Have you ever experienced Thanksgiving in Japan? Every year at Language House, we bring some American history to our school to celebrate the holiday!

For the last few days before the actual day of Thanksgiving, we spent time making Pilgrim hats, Native American feather headdresses, and turkey headbands.

We also spent time making dreamcatchers, which are a part of Native American culture. It’s important for us to understand both the story of the Pilgrims and the Native Americans when talking about Thanksgiving, since both groups of people have different perspectives.

Mercury class’ dreamcatchers displayed on the ceiling of the second floor.

On the day of Thanksgiving, which falls on a Thursday every year, we invited the preschoolers to watch us perform our skit that we had rehearsed.

We also had everyone bring in some food for our Thanksgiving feast! We brought in various types of vegetables to wash and insert into a yummy soup, as well as some fruit for a refreshing fruit salad.

The performance and the feast were both so much fun!! We love being able to celebrate fall together in a way that’s not common in Japan.

Every Thanksgiving, we like to show appreciation for what we have in our lives. ILH is thankful for such warm-hearted kids, a cooperative team of teachers, and a happy atmosphere where we can share our languages with each other.

What are you thankful for?

Father’s Dinner

Father’s Dinner

A night full of laughs and hamburgers!

Last Saturday night, ILH hosted a dinner for our Saturn and Mercury classes’ fathers!

At each table, the kids were able to draw on the paper-covered tables while the dads got to talk with the teachers and get to know each other a little better.

After eating and drinking a little bit, all the fathers gave a self-introduction, talking about their jobs and hobbies.

We also got to sing and dance together after the meal, which was really fun! We were also treated to apple pie and ice cream….yum!

Thanks to everyone who came to the dinner and spent time with us at International Language House.

To the Jupiter class this year, we are excited for you to join us with your dads next year!

Fall Field Trip

Fall Field Trip

This year our school went to こども自然公園 for our annual fall field trip!

The weather was very sunny and a little windy. We did lots of walking through nature. But we had to be careful not to get any prickers on our pants!

We also found many big sakura tree sticks and played a sensei scavenger hunt, complete with a stamp rally.

As we went through more of our walking route, we were able to fill in more spaces on our maps, and it was really fun to look forward to the next stop. We colored sakura trees, drew scarecrows, and got to meet many different kinds of chickens!

Our lunch picnic was also very peaceful, as we found a lovely spot by the lake, where we were very close to the ducks.

We are looking to next year’s field trip! Thanks to all the chaperones who came along with us on our journey!



Spooky season may be over, but we are still fondly looking back at our Halloween celebrations.

Every year at International Language House, everyone is encouraged to come in full costume (handmade ones are encouraged!). Together, we walk around the immediate neighborhood for some trick-or-treating.

Once we return from our morning trick-or-treating, the school holds a stamp rally for parents and kids to enjoy together. We even perform some Halloween dances for everyone to see! This year’s songs were Orange Pumpkins and One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater!

We also hold a fashion show, and each kid gets the chance to show off their costumes in front of everyone. Voting cards are passed out, and everyone votes for their favorite scary, funny, or unique costumes!

After lunch, the kids go in small groups upstairs to the HAUNTED HOUSE… If you’re brave enough to withstand the dark maze and scary creatures, you can escape through the back door down the slide! Phew!

Our teachers at ILH all love Halloween, and loved how excited our kids were to celebrate with us! We are already looking forward to next year!

If you would like to see more pictures of the adorable costumes we saw, please check out our Instagram link to the right of the page!