Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy

Only two more days of our current situation at International Language House. Next week we will be planning to return to a normal-length school day without online classes.

With an average of 50 students every day, we have been thinking a lot about how to properly social distance. Our staff has been meeting and discussing options every day in order to make sure everyone will be safe and happy.

There are many ways things that will change once all our kids return to school.

Our teachers have been working hard to make each online class fun!

Jupiters who have not attended the kindergarten in person yet will need to get accustomed to our school rules and interact nicely with their new friends.

Saturn class will have to refresh their memory of what a full day is like at the kindergarten.

And Mercury class will need to adjust to most of their day being upstairs and prepare to move on to elementary school someday.

There may still be a lot of uncertainty as we start the month of June, but we are all in this together. Thank you for sticking with us.

See you again soon!

Changing Together

Changing Together


We are back from Golden Week with another new schedule at International Language House.

This week we have launched our new Zoom class system for students who have stayed at home. This has been a learning curve for both families and teachers. But we have been trying our best 🙂

How have you been spending your time at home? Please feel free to look at our Useful Phrases page in our menu at the top of the blog page to help fill in the gaps while staying at home with your child.

We have also sent out private YouTube links to our clients. These will pair with a large package we sent out to each student before Golden Week. Inside each package includes supplies for crafts, a picture book for each class depending on level, English workbooks, and other activities.

For our students who are taking online classes with us, we only ask that each day before class starts, please prepare yourselves with your Golden Week packages nearby in case we use the English books during our lesson.

Thank you for always following along with us, even with difficult times. We are working hard every day to make sure your child still has many opportunities to learn with us.

We hope to see you all under different circumstances soon.

Our New Routine

Our New Routine

How have you been social distancing lately?

At the kindergarten, we have invited our students to come and join us for half a school day the past two weeks. Everyone has been checking their temperature and washing up often.

We also have had English class and craft spread out as much as we can.

Even though a lot of things in our schedule are different, we have made as much of our daily activities as normal as possible.

Yesterday, our teachers each spent an hour calling everyone in their class who decided to stay home. It was so nice to reconnect with each other and we hope we can do it again another time.

We also have been making YouTube videos for everyone staying home to make sure they can still learn with us!

Right now, everyone has a lot of extra free time with their kids. Try to practice anything they’ve learned in school, whether it’s old Project BOB books, our YouTube lessons, or just talking with teachers in our video calls.

We miss you and hope we can return to our new normal soon.

This is Our World

This is Our World

Today is Earth Day! Do you know how to celebrate Earth Day?

Three things:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

“Reduce” means to make less waste. Every day, we throw away so much trash! So we want to do things that create less trash.

“Reuse” means to use again and again. We want to buy less things that get thrown away. Instead, we want things that last a long time!

“Recycle” means to use something you already own for a new use. An old T-shirt can be used as a rag, or an empty box can be cleaned and hold something new. We also can send our plastic bottles and cardboard away to be recycled.

singing at our school’s soft reopening

This week, we learned a new song with Timo Teacher and Thom Teacher called “This is Our World.” We sang about picking up trash and helping our world.

Another way we can help the world this month is to stay safe from the virus. If we can limit our trips outside, cover our mouths, and wash our hands, we will be helping each other 🙂

Let’s be considerate of each other and the Earth! Happy Earth Day!

Here With Us

Here With Us

Good morning! It’s been a while! 🙂

Lately, times have been tough. There are many things we cannot control. It can be difficult to stay positive. But at International Language House, we are still working hard to be able to provide good English opportunities for you and your family!

In March, our students practiced an original song with Timo Teacher and it sounded very good! We decided we wanted to share the song with everyone at home, so please enjoy this YouTube video we made just for you!

Together, you and your child can sing as if you are Here With Us 🙂

With love,

ILH Kindergarten

Happy Graduation 2020!

Happy Graduation 2020!

Mercuries proudly display their diplomas outside.

On Saturday, International Language House held our graduation ceremony for the Mercury class and their parents. Unfortunately, due to the Corona virus situation, our audience was smaller this year. Despite the setback, we were still able to celebrate together and have a beautiful ceremony.

The class singing farewell to the kindergarten

To impress the parents with everyone’s English, the class had prepared speeches in separate groups and performed in front of everyone. All the kids did really well!

Teachers also gave speeches to the students. There were many tears! We will all miss everyone so much.

ILH president Kurobe teacher giving some words of advice and encouragement

After the ceremony finished, all the Mercury parents threw us a party at the kindergarten! It was a wonderful chance to show how thankful we are for each other.

Of course, all things must come to an end, but our class of 2020 is always welcome to come back to play with us anytime!


Our Final Auction!

Our Final Auction!

Last week, we held our last BOB Buck auction of the year!

Towards the end of the school year, our students begin using our BOB Bucks system at ILH to further improve behavior before moving up to the next grade.

What is the BOB Bucks system?

BOB Bucks are a paper bill form of currency we use to reward kids for good behavior and punish kids for bad behavior. It is also a good tool for teaching management of money!

We hold two auctions at the end of the year. The first one is full of more explanation, while the second one is where all the kids know the system and get better at buying what they want.

In the meantime, we asked parents to bring in old, used, or even unused toys to donate for our auctions in the days leading up to the event. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

We love doing auctions with the kids because it helps them make the connection between how good their behavior is and how many toys they can buy. Most of the time, everyone has more BOB Bucks the second time around because they tried harder to have good behavior at school.

We are looking forward to everyone moving up a grade next year! Just a few more days!