Typhoons and Trophies

Typhoons and Trophies

Long time, no see! What an eventful past couple of weeks we’ve had!

Typhoon Hagibis hit the area on the day of our originally scheduled Sports Day, thus postponing until the following Saturday. (From all of us at the kindergarten, we hope you and your families were safe during the storm.)

The events of Sports Day this year resulted in a landslide win by the White Team! CONGRATULATIONS! Both teams worked very hard on their cheers, dances, competitions, speeches, races, and marches. We are proud of everyone who gave it their best effort!

As of this week, we are happy to announce a new addition to our blog site. If you look at the top menu, you will see a new submenu titled “Useful Phrases.” Feel free to click around and explore.

We would like to begin storing a collection of phrases to use in the home together with your child. Our goal is to have the list gradually grow with additions from people like you, so feel free to comment or email us with phrases you would like to use at home with your child in English.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome, October!

Welcome, October!

Collecting acorns in the park

Fall is here! The weather is still relatively warm, but signs of the new season are here. Persimmon fruits are in season, leaves are turning brown, and Halloween themed snacks are showing up in our kids’ snack bags.

International Language House has less than two weeks left until Sports Day, so we have been doing a lot more practice every day! Today we had our first practice at Chiku Center, so things are starting to feel official.

We a have seen a lot of improvement in a lot of our students as practices progress…good job, everyone!